Beaver Packaging and Crating, Inc.

Before Vowire we did all of our troubleshooting and repairs internally. We had one person who was the most familiar with computers and he would try and take care of those things. It was a little bumpy. As we started to grow we started having issues with computers freezing and slowing down and they were not as efficient as they once were.

Vowire came in and setup a server so we could backup all information which was important to us. They tweaked everything to help our process run smoother as well as freeing up our people to do their own jobs. By implementing these changes we were able to reduce our expenses over the long term.

We are able to have Vowire focus on getting our systems the way they should be and we do not have to have our people worry about the computer systems. Freeing up our people to do their jobs makes them more efficient. If they do run into an issue we can call Vowire and the issue is taken care of right away. We don't have to troubleshoot things and possibly make the situation worse.

When we didn't have our email and websites through Vowire when it was going down it was very hard to get in touch with people and get it corrected. Now we can call Vowire if there is a glitch or problem and it is back up and running right away which is nice. They always respond very quickly which is important to us. Now that everyone is using email and the web, our customers have come to expect to be able to reach us through the email and the web, so we need our systems up and running all the time.

When we want to try new things or need recommendations on solutions to our problems, Vowire is very good at fitting things just for our needs. When I need to implement additional new sales software or different things as we are branching out I can call Vowire to get their opinion on how it will work with our existing systems as well as our security model because we want to ensure we are as secure as possible. I can also have Vowire work directly with the Vendor to solve the issue so I don't have to troubleshoot the issue myself which is always nice. Vowire is also now able to support our employees in Chicago and Los Angles using new remote management tools. They are constantly researching and adding new services to support our changing needs.

I would recommend Vowire to other business owners. They have been very pleasant to work with. They have greatly helped me with the troubleshooting and recommendations on what would work best for us. Since we are a small company that is looking to grow more and more that is important with our cost restraints. Their service just fits us, it caters to the small business, that is what I appreciate most. They are really there for us instead of just trying to get the most bang that they can.

Lisa Schutte, Administrator of Finance and Quality
Beaver Packaging and Crating, Inc.

"Peace of mind is the number one reason I would recommend Vowire's service." Roger Latham, First Financial Services, Inc.