Project Dynamics, Inc.

Before working with Vowire we were using a host of people who were just starting out and thought they knew a lot about computers and networking. Unfortunately, they messed a lot of our network system up. We had a lot of problems backing up information and many times we lost information and we had problems with computers staying connected to the network and a lot of general workstation issues. Our backups are very important to us because we have a lot of intellectual property stored on our systems. We work very hard to create the information and it would be impossible or very time consuming to recreate.

The single biggest benefit we have had with Vowire is to have service when we need it. If we have a problem we have someone we can rely on and we know if we call them that we will get someone out right away to help us or have someone login remotely to help us out.

Our employees have been much more productive since we started using Vowire. They don't have to worry about making their own backups so they don't lose data, their computers run more efficiently and they don't have the number of errors or problems they had in the past. In the past I was personally trying to fix these issues and it was consuming a lot of my time, now I don't have to worry about it. So for me it has been great.

We are able to be more efficient and since we are hosting our own email, keeping our server up and running is very important to us. Keeping the lines of communication open with our customers helps us increase our sales and profits. Vowire has seemed to grow and offer more services as time has gone by, and we have been able to take advantage of the services that fit our needs.

Peace of mind is the number one reason I would recommend Vowire's service to other business owners. They will have the peace of mind at night knowing that their computer system is being watched and that if they do have a problem they will get service right away and not have to worry about their workstations and servers being down for days. Vowire's customer service goes above and beyond.

Aaron LaCross, General Manager
Project Dynamics Inc.

"Peace of mind is the number one reason I would recommend Vowire's service." Roger Latham, First Financial Services, Inc.