First Financial Services, Inc.

When we started it was just two of us and we had a friend of ours build us some computers and take care of our network at the time. As we grew we out grew our peer to peer network and were having many, many problems with the computers, accessing files and printers as well with viruses and spyware. It became a nightmare.

After meeting with Greg we decided to go with Vowire because they have a full service and they offer personal service. Vowire came in and setup our systems to work seamlessly. This was very important to us because we know nothing about computers, we know our business but nothing about our systems. But without our systems we can't do business.

Since Vowire has been managing our systems we are problem free. We don't have problems since Vowire has been managing our systems. When we have minor issues they take care of them most of the time even before we know they are happening. This has had a big impact on us because without our systems we can't do business. Now with Vowire, I can concentrate on running my business and not worry about my equipment.

With Vowire all our employees have remote access so people who are on the road can remotely connect and take care of the business. It has been a huge benefit to be able to get our information when we need it. Now I can go into someone’s house with my laptop and access my office information. It has improved our customer service to the point where our customers can’t believe what we can do from their living room.

I would recommend Vowire with confidence because it has been proven to me time and time again the value they bring to me.

Roger Latham, Mortgage Broker
First Financial Services, Inc.

"Peace of mind is the number one reason I would recommend Vowire's service." Roger Latham, First Financial Services, Inc.