Success Stories

First Financial Services, Inc.

When we started it was just two of us and we had a friend of ours build us some computers and take care of our network at the time. As we grew we out grew our peer to peer network and were having many, many problems with the computers, accessing files and printers as well with viruses and spyware. It became a nightmare.


Project Dynamics, Inc.

Before working with Vowire we were using a host of people who were just starting out and thought they knew a lot about computers and networking. Unfortunately, they messed a lot of our network system up.


Beaver Packaging and Crating, Inc.

Before Vowire we did all of our troubleshooting and repairs internally. We had one person who was the most familiar with computers and he would try and take care of those things. It was a little bumpy.

"Now I can concentrate on running my business and not worry about my equipment." Roger Latham, First Financial Services, Inc.